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From Rory O'Farrell <>
Subject Re: Codes
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 06:22:15 GMT
On Thu, 20 Jun 2013 19:54:50 -0400
Patricia Hickin <> wrote:

> Is there any way to reveal codes in OO (the way you can in WordPerfect)?
> I am having a problem with the following:
> I am preparing a list of books as follows:
> In a table of two columns, I insert an image of the book cover in the first
> (a narrow) column.  In the 2nd column I put info about the book: title,
> author, publisher & date.
> I have obtained the info from, compiled a list of the
> books, copied the list into Notepad to strip it of formatting.  Next I
> copied the list into an OO text document and formatted it as follows:
> font Calibri  color black
> title: 18 point bold italic
> author & publishing info (two separate lines):  15 point regular.
> For some reason, OO is changing the color of the publishing info to blue.
>  I change it to black. but when I save it the color switches to blue!!
> It is driving me crazy!!!
> Any ideas??  Thanks!!
> Pat

Your request to reveal codes presupposes that the underlying structure of all word processors
is the same as in Word Perfect; which is a faulty assumption.  Yes, one can reveal the formatting
codes of OpenOffice - don't blame me if you don't like what you see!  You do this by saving
an OpenOffice file as .odt (or in OpenOffice's native format if using its non wordprocessing
applications).  Depending on the Archive Manager you use, you may then need  to rename this
to .zip.  Open it with an Archive Manager, and look inside content.xml with a plain text editor.
 There you will see the xml formatting codes OpenOffice uses.

How to solve your immediate problem?  Trying to diagnose your problem fron a description is
like sending your mother to see the doctor because you have a pain in your tummy.  He can
only work from hearsay of your problems. I suggest you post to the help forum at
and attach a short file (an .odt, not a picture) which has the problem.  I will be very surprised
if you do not get a solution in a very short time.

Rory O'Farrell <>

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