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From Rory O'Farrell <>
Subject Re: open office troubles
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2013 10:28:47 GMT
On Fri, 14 Jun 2013 05:15:08 -0400
Shelley Keating <> wrote:

> Hi, I had open office on my computer and now it seems to have partly
> uninstalled. It is still listed on my start menu but will not open .... I
> am unable to open any of the documents I have saved using this program.
> Please help! I have tried to reinstall it from your website but only get a
> bunch of add ons I neither need nor want.
> Shelley Keating

If your operating system is Windows, use Ctrl Shift Esc to open Taskmanager and delete all
soffice processes shown on the Processes tab.  Then restart OpenOffice.

Did you have a system or program crash?  Your symptom is typical of this.

The only site from which you should download OpenOffice is through (exactly
so, no area or country codes).  This will redirect you to Sourceforge who handle the storage
and downloads; there are no unnecessary and unwanted downloads offered from the correct OpenOffice
site (given above).

 Do not download off the top hits from a Google search; we canot control these and are aware
that unwanted additions are forced on you.

Rory O'Farrell <>

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