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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: Codes
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2013 04:08:25 GMT
At 22:20 22/06/2013 -0400, Andrew Douglas Pitonyak wrote:
At 14:44 22/06/2013 -0400, Doug McGarrett wrote:
>>Now if OO and LO are so great, why can't they deal with curly 
>>quotes and apostrophes in imported text? I have to go thru and fix 
>>all the damned inch marks one by one by hand. WordPerfect can do 
>>that automatically. Not only that, it can differentiate between 
>>quote marks and real inch and foot designators. Let's see your OO/LO do that!
>I am not sure what this is since I have never had any particular 
>difficulty dealing with these things.... though I am not sure how 
>one can understand that a particular single quote is an "inch mark" 
>as opposed to a non-curly double quote.

I think the reference to an "inch mark" is simply a way of 
identifying your (typewriter-style) "non-curly" double quote.

But Mr McGarrett does have a point, I think.  OpenOffice Writer will 
replace typed single and double quotes with what it calls custom 
quotes quite efficiently as you type.  But if you have existing 
straight quotes in a document (perhaps in an inherited document or in 
text pasted in from elsewhere), there appears to be no easy way to 
apply that intelligence after the event.  You could replace a 
straight quote with a curly one, but you'd have to select manually 
the individual cases where you needed open and close quotes: you 
cannot at this stage invoke Writer's ability to use its intelligence 
about this.  In some other word processors (dare I mention Microsoft 
Word if I promise to wash my mouth out?), you can merely replace 
straight quotes with straight quotes: replacement is treated the same 
way as typing, the same intelligence is invoked, and curly quotes of 
the appropriate handedness are substituted en masse.

Brian Barker

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