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From Johnny Rosenberg <>
Subject Re: Fwd: ”Artifacts” in OpenOffice and LibreOffice
Date Wed, 15 May 2013 16:50:15 GMT
2013/5/15 Johnny Rosenberg <>:
> 2013/5/15 Ric Moore <>:
>> On 05/12/2013 03:47 PM, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
>>> I am not sure it's even possible to replace my graphics card; it's a
>>> laptop. I have been planning to replace it with a desktop computer
>>> since 2010, but so far I didn't, for some reason… Maybe I should
>>> finally do it.
>> Ah! For an "older" laptop you might be best off not going for a desktop with
>> hotrod graphic effects at all. Install XFCE, or Lubuntu,
> I hate both of them, so no, I won't do that mistake again. And my
> laptop is not THAT old… And it worked perfectly with Ubuntu 10.10 with
> desktop effects on (those I think I need, I didn't try all of them at
> once…). I even had a lot of swimming fish inside the cube without any
> problems… (that's not one of the effects I usually use though, I was
> just testing). But since Ubuntu 12.04 (I went directly from 10.10 to
> 12.04 with a fresh install, only keeping my old home partition)I found
> a lot of problems with Compiz, that I didn't experience previously.
>> which is what I did
>> for an "older" (10 years old) Thinkpad. It works reasonably well. In the
>> long run, a desktop that you can modify cheaply is best on a "limited
>> budget", from my perspective. The laptop is good enough to run Thunderbird
>> and Firefox (but not at once!) which suits me as I am rarely on the road
>> anymore. :) Ric
> I don't run Firefox nor Thunderbird, so I don't know much about that.
> Okay, I run Firefox maybe once a week or so, but still…
> Johnny Rosenberg

I experimented a little and now I don't have any ”artifacts” anymore.
Yet… There are other problems now, though, but nothing as serious as
before, I think… I'll try this for a while and see what more I find…

I edited the nVidia settings a bit. After opening the nVidia X Server
Settings i checked X Screen 0 → Antialiasing Settings → ☒ Enable FXAA.
So far no ”artifacts”, but sometimes when I do Ctrl+Alt, windows
disappears and when they reappear they are empty (white). A click on
Maximize/Reset takes care of that, though…

I'll try the older driver (173) another day to see what happens.

Johnny Rosenberg

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