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From Johnny Rosenberg <>
Subject Re: Problems with inserting graphics, columns
Date Sun, 05 May 2013 14:08:03 GMT
2013/5/5 Patricia Hickin <>:
> Is this the place to get help with a text document?
> I am trying to insert a picture and put text to the right of the image.  I
> can put text above or below, but not beside the image.

What did you try? I had no problems at all doing this.

> Also I want to divide the page into two columns, beginning about 2 or 3
> inches from the top, but instead it divided the entire page into two
> columns.

> So, two questions:
> How to get text to the right of an image?

1. Insert your image.
2. Right click the image, click ”Image…” (or whatever it says; I run
OpenOffice in Swedish).
3. Select the Text adjustment tab (I don't have a clue what its
English name is, just select one that seems to do what you want…).
4. Select what you think will give you the result you want.

1. See 1 above.
2. Right click the image, click Text adjustment (or whatever the
English name is), click one of the options that seem to do what you

>  and how to divide a page into two or more columns, beginning 2-3" from the
> top?

1. Select the text that you want to have in two columns.
2. Click Insert → Section (again, I'm not sure about the English name
of this option).
3. Click the column tab of the new dialogue that pops up and edit the
settings to suit your needs.

> Thanks,
> Pat

You're welcome…
Johnny Rosenberg

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