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From Dan Lewis <>
Subject Re: Extending the life of an older desktop machine by installing OpenOffice?
Date Wed, 22 May 2013 20:18:23 GMT
On 05/22/2013 10:13 AM, Wolfgang Keller wrote:
>> Have you extended the life of an older PC or Mac by installing
>> OpenOffice and other open source packages?
> The issue of making old computers (or *any* computer) usable is to
> install an actual *operating* system (i.e. one that *works*) as a
> replacement for that pathologically non-operating system Microsoft (Not
> Responding) (TM).
> Sincerely,
> Wolfgang
      Seems like yours is a personal opinion rather than an answer to 
the original question. Your comment about Microsoft has nothing to do 
with this question. Then again I do not know whether you consider OS X 
to be in the same category as any of the Windows versions.
      More likely, the issue is about two operating systems that have 
the reputation of continuing to require computer upgrades with newer 
versions (planned obsolescence) . There is no attempt to provide an 
operating system for older computers.
      For example, I have a MacBook that was one of the early Intel 
based motherboards. It runs OS X 10.4. It is too old to run any of the 
current OS X operating systems (cost too much even if it could). For 
WiFi, it only uses WPA; so I can not use it to connect to any secure 
network even if I knew the password. Yet, Ubuntu runs fine on this 
laptop with WPA2 available.
      Another example, I had a laptop from 1998 running Windows 98SE 
with 180MB RAM. A couple of years ago, I could run Kubuntu with a 
desktop that would run on limited RAM amounts. That was 10 years after I 
got the laptop!


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