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From Dan Lewis <>
Subject Re: EPUB from OpenOffice
Date Fri, 10 May 2013 19:26:53 GMT
       The Webinar mentioned later is an hour long infomercial about the 
eBook Evolution product. There were also a general outline of the 
process that was very general in nature. I'm not sure if there was 
anything in it that could not be learned from other sources, but the 
general ideas presented might help someone. Perhaps the free seminars 
might be more specific.
      As far as the link to the free brown bag webinars, the outline of 
the two webinars available at the link below contains some of the same 
information found in the ultimate-ebook webinar that I watched from the 
second link. Neither link seems to give enough information for it to be 
useful to me.
      Disclaimer: I use Linux as my OS exclusively, so none of this 
information is of any use to me that I can see.
      Perhaps an ODT template can be developed by a person for AOO that 
could be used with Calibre to create an ePUB document that has fairly 
clean code. This could then be used by people who only use Linux.


On 05/10/2013 12:10 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Pamela Wilson provides some free seminars on making ebooks,
> <>.
> Apache OpenOffice Writer is featured as the preferred authoring too.  The bundled materials
that are for sale include ODT templates.  There is also guidance and explanation of what it
takes to format for EPUB and have good results.  EPUB formats are restricted and attempting
to make a heavily styled document is not a good idea.  The proposed approach works for submissions
of Kindle books also.
> The associated materials are not inexpensive, in the $100-$200 US range.  They are intended
for folks who are serious about publishing or who want to provide authoring services to others.
 After the initial expense, there is no reuse limitation and there are no royalty obligations,
however.  Calibre for creating eReader-ready format.  There is an assumption that folks are
using Windows or Macintosh OSX.
> There's an On-Demand Webinar for eBook Evolution that is recommended for folks who are
not professional authors/writers as well.  I presume that it features the eBook Evolution
package that is offered as a product.  I haven't explored this:
>   <>.
>   - Dennis

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dan Lewis []
> Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 03:53
> Subject: Re: EPUB from OpenOffice
> On 05/10/2013 04:27 AM, Rory O'Farrell wrote:
>> On Fri, 10 May 2013 02:31:33 -0500
>> Tamblyne<>  wrote:
>>> On 4/2/2013 4:01 PM, Rory O'Farrell wrote:
>>>> On Tue, 2 Apr 2013 16:49:13 -0400 Rob Weir<>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> *I see several extensions in the repository that offer EPub digital
>>>>> book conversion from OpenOffice:
>>>>> **
>>>>> **
>>>>> Does anyone have experience with these, and a recommendation?  Or
>>>>> is there some other tool that you would suggest for publishing to
>>>>> EPub?
>>>>> Thanks in advance for any insights.
>>>> I've done very little by way  of conversion to electronic formats; I
>>>> found Calibre very satisfactory.  It converts to many (all?) eformats
>>>> directly from OpenOffice .odt files (from other formats also), and
>>>> manages one's library on the ereader.  Certainly worth
>>>> investigation.
>>> I finally had a chance to try this, and while I love the other aspects
>>> of Calibre, the conversion to epub wasn't great as regards it's handling
>>> of the styles.  So -- to convert do you need a document without any
>>> formatting?
>>> Thanks
>>> Tam
>> I can't answer that in any detail; later this year I will have occasion to convert
a book text to some form of epub and will have to read  up the intricacies of Calibre's .odt
conversion.  I am aware that it can be fine tuned to pick up and convert many of the formattings
in the .odt, but haven't looked into that in depth yet. Any form of format conversion usually
entails decision making about the compromises involved; a text formatted for (say) a US Letter
page may not adjust immediately to the reduced and dynamic page/textflow of an ereader.
>        What I have found that works rather well is to use Calibre to
> convert ODT to ePUB. Then I use Sigil to clean up the underlying html
> files. I use these settings in Sigil's Preferences in the Clean Source
> section: HTML Tiddy, Open, Save, and Replace all files.
>        We had a post that mentioned Tiddy in a web article in which the
> author mentioned that using his method to clean up the code while
> converting OTD to ePUB. The only problem with the article is that there
> seems to be no information on the web for how to install Tiddy on Ubuntu
> (the OS that I use). Sigil seems to install and use Tiddy to clean up
> the code.
>        FYI: The conversion of ODT to ePUB involves converting a single
> ODT file to multiple HTML files based upon your settings in Calibre.
> These files are zipped along with other information, and the zipped file
> is given the ePUB suffix.
> --Dan

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