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From Jonathan <>
Subject Re: 2 support questions
Date Fri, 10 May 2013 03:54:22 GMT
Regina wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
> Jonathan schrieb:
>> I have experienced the following issue when using OpenOffice Draw:  When
>> I load an image into the program, and then crop it, then EXPORT it as
>> .PNG, it defaults to exporting a 8½ × 11 inch portion of the image, in
>> vertical ("portrait") orientation, instead of the entire image.  How do
>> I save a document in .PNG format in the exact same proportion as the
>> original instead of in the default proportions?
> Select the image and in the export dialog check "Selection". Do not use
> "Save as picture" from the context menu, because that ignores cropping
> and filters.
> Kind regards
> Regina

Thanks for the information.  The bug number, by the way, is 117931. 
It's probably related to the interaction between OpenOffice and the 
driver for this specific printer.  Upgrading OpenOffice from 3.2 to 3.3 
caused printing to become *painfully* slow.  Then, upgrading the HP 
printer driver slightly alleviated the problem, but it's still very, 
very slow.

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