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From Jonathan <>
Subject 2 support questions
Date Wed, 08 May 2013 18:42:07 GMT
I have experienced the following issue when using OpenOffice Draw:  When 
I load an image into the program, and then crop it, then EXPORT it as 
.PNG, it defaults to exporting a 8½ × 11 inch portion of the image, in 
vertical ("portrait") orientation, instead of the entire image.  How do 
I save a document in .PNG format in the exact same proportion as the 
original instead of in the default proportions?

Also, on a different subject:  I reported a legitimate bug in the 
program a while back (by "legitimate," I mean functionality that worked 
in version 3.2 but not in 3.3).  How can I put a "bounty" on the bug?

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