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From Wolfgang Keller <>
Subject Re: Extending the life of an older desktop machine by installing OpenOffice?
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 15:44:15 GMT
> >> Have you extended the life of an older PC or Mac by installing
> >> OpenOffice and other open source packages?

> > The issue of making old computers (or *any* computer) usable is to
> > install an actual *operating* system (i.e. one that *works*) as a
> > replacement for that pathologically non-operating system Microsoft
> > (Not Responding) (TM).

>       Seems like yours is a personal opinion rather than an answer to 
> the original question.

It is an answer.

Again; Whether you use LO/OO or MS "Office" doesn't make much of a
difference concerning the usability of older hardware. It's whether you
run LO/OO on MS (Not Responding) or on a decent Linux (I wouldn't use
Ubuntu, btw.) that makes the difference for usability.

> Then again I do not know whether you consider OS X to be in the same
> category as any of the Windows versions.

Almost the same category. Thanks to its Unix foundation, MacOS X doesn't
have the same "cursor animation syndrome" as MS (Not Responding), but
concerning support of newer releases for older hardware, it's probably
just as bad.



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