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From Johnny Rosenberg <>
Subject Auto-fill (or whatever it's called) problem
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2013 17:39:09 GMT
When I enter things in a column, I get suggestions based on oter rows
in that column, but when I do, I can't exit the cell with ↹ (TAB). How
do I approve the suggested value and move on to the next cell in the
same row without breaking the ↹ – ↵ thing?

When I say ”↹ – ↵ thing” (TAB – Enter thing), I mean that when I start
at one cell, letäs say C1, hit ↹ after every entry and finally ↵ after
the last entry of that row, say G1, the cursor ends up at C2. If I
move to the next cell with another key than ↹, this is broken, but as
I said, I can't find a way to do that for the cases when auto-fill (if
that's what it's called) suggest something. Except to enter the whole
suggestion manually, but that makes the auto-fill function
meaningless, doesn't it?

I didn't use OpenOffice for a while now, since I switched to
LibreOffice, but a few days ago I decided to give OpenOffice another
chance. It seems a lot more stable than LibreOffice (3.6.6), but lacks
a lot of features, unfortunately some really good ones (in my

Johnny Rosenberg

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