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From JB <>
Subject Re: Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Logo Survey now Open!
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2013 13:45:09 GMT
On Sat, 27 Apr 2013 17:53:45 +0700
"Urmas" <> wrote:

> > The Apache OpenOffice project is planning a "brand refresh" for our
> > next major release, Apache OpenOffice 4.0. As part of this effort we
> > are looking to update our logo.
> And there was no better ideas that copycatting MSO 4-tile logo, metro'izing it and
> throwing in some chicken feathers? The whole gallery save 1-2 images is like that.

  The "whole gallery save 1-2" eh. You're pretty good at over-exaggeration, that or
  you didn't pay very good attention in school during the time you were supposed to
  be learning to count.
> With all those donations one could suppose a real designer will be employed to
> create a keystone image. Unless someone is planning to get it off soon and not
> invest in it targeting next decade or more. 

  Well, c'mon then Mr. Artiste! Get with it and make something and contribute! We
  won't hold our breath waiting for it though.

"Americans [have] the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the citizens of
other countries whose governments are afraid to trust their people with arms."
-James Madison

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