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From "Rod Lockwood" <>
Subject Mystery Bug
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 18:27:49 GMT
OK. While checking for updates for extensions, I was getting the message:

No installable updates are available. To see ignored or disabled updates,  
mark the check box 'Show all updates'.

Checking ‘Show all updates’ revealed a check box with no title but there  
was this error message:

An error occurred:
Premature end of data in tag html line 1
Line: 9
Column: 1

I have just spent several hours installing and uninstalling extensions,  
keeping track of which ones caused the error and which didn’t. Being very  
careful to install and uninstall (if needed) using the same procedure each  
time. All of a sudden I hit several OXT files in a row that produced no  
errors checking for an update. Feeling something amiss, I tried the first  
file that had the error. The extension manager checked for updates and  
exited without an error.

Do I still report the bug?

Rod Lockwood

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