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From "Rod Lockwood" <>
Subject Re: Feature Request
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 15:02:33 GMT
> But this was my point.  Although you are limiting yourself to a  
> different but common row height and a different but common column width,  
> in general a spreadsheet saved as a template would not have that  
> restriction.  If the page style were to include all the row heights and  
> column widths (as well as details of merged cells and so on?), all  
> relevant pages (*not sheets*) would have to duplicate that format.  That  
> would be very complicated and I'm not sure it would be welcome.  Your  
> need is simple but it seems to me that asking for this to be part of  
> pages styles creates a difficult complexity that is unnecessary to  
> satisfy it.  I'm not disputing your desire.

But it does work when I save my templates without having to define every
style separately. I do not save a sheet with all variations of the styles.
The template is unformatted with the styles defined starting with the
default style. Perhaps one of the programmers would be able to explain how
after, defining the default row heights, when the font changes per style
Calc automatically adjusts the height to the font size used in the style.
Also they may know if setting default row and column sizes in the Page
styles on the Sheets tab can be done or not.

It seems that if the default row and column heights are defined on the
‘Sheets’ tab of the Page styles, Calc would automatically adjust the row
heights of the Styles the same way it does when it creates a new file from
my template, plus use the defined values for any inserted sheets.

>> By the way, there is one glitch when saving the template spreadsheet.  
>> The rows and columns of the initial pages are set at the custom  
>> settings. But then when you add pages the default settings are used,  
>> not the settings of the template.
> That's *sheets*, not pages, I think.  A workaround for this is to copy  
> your designer sheet as much as required.  Right-click on the sheet's tab  
> and use Move/Copy Sheet... to create sheet clones as required.

Yes, sheets not pages. Cloning is what I am doing to workaround the
problem, but I would like to have it duplicate sheets from the same
template the rest of the spreadsheet is based on. As it is, I have to keep
one blank sheet in default mode in order to create the clones. If I
accidentally use it, I wind up having to create a new default sheet. For
specialty sheets, I have a file of pre-defined sheets that I use to import

When inserting new sheets, the sheets from the original default are still
used even though my custom spreadsheet is now the default.

Rod Lockwood

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