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From "Maurice Howe" <>
Subject RE: merging bibliographies
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 19:03:17 GMT
Try this (assuming that any "trailing" info is separated from the actual
biographical entry by a TAB): 

As with any "new to you" facility, work with a COPY (not your master file).
Combine the lists (open the first one, then open the 2nd and copy/paste it
at the end of the 1st, then open the 3rd and copy/paste it to the 1st, etc.
Then select the entire (combined) list and click TABLES.   Unclick MAKE ALL
COLUMNS THE SAME WIDTH (or words to that effect).  Click the box that tells
the program about the TAB separator.  Then click to build the table.  Then
select the entire table and click TABLE, then the SORT tab.  If the
resulting formatting pleases you, you're done. You'll probably want to
experiment with TABLE/PROPERTIES to keep text for entries on the same page,
etc.  If you prefer that the list NOT be in a table, select the entire
table, go to TABLE and click CONVERT again but this time use the TABLE TO
TEXT option.

This works well for me.  Good luck.


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From: riklar [] 
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2013 11:46 AM
Subject: merging bibliographies


I have four bibliographical lists, each has 10-15 pages. In some of the
lists there exists  duplicates bibliographies to be canceled when one list
would be crested.
The lists are organized in alphabetical order.

I wish to create one bibliographical list, containing all the four together
and of course in alphabetical order.

Is this is possible in OO 3.4.1
I am on Mac, with OSX 10.8.2, but I assume it doesn't matter in regards to
commands in OO.

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