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From Brian and Nancy Street <>
Subject I'm sure it's very simple!
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2013 19:00:23 GMT
Hello, I would appreciate your help and I'm sure the answer is very simple...but I've been
searching for a day and a half...trying to google, and FAQ.. to no avail.  
QUESTION:  In a spreadsheet, Rather than displaying the ANSWER... the cell will only give
the formula.  I cannot get any answers ONLY formulas.  


Example:  A1 = 200, A2 = 400, A3 = 500.....  in cell A4 I put =sum(A1:A3) enter.... in cell
A4... the answer is =)sum(A1:A3).... I want the REAL answer of 11.  

Thank you, Nancy
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