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From Brian and Nancy Street <>
Subject Re: I'm sure it's very simple!
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 14:46:13 GMT
Hello Brian, Thank you for your e-mail. When I go to Tools... there is not an OPTIONS heading??????
It starts off as Spelling, Language, goal seek, solver... where would the options be? I have
searched all of the drop downs from the menu and no luck. I have entered the formula correctly...
I've even had my very nerdy friend come over and he is stumped as well. Somehow the cell IS
interpreting it as text and not giving the answer (the answer IS in the Page preview and also
on the bottom ...but NOT in the cell.)  I even went as far as trashing the program and re
downloading it... but the same thing happens. ????   I downloaded it onto my laptop and it
works fine... but not on my iMac. This is very strange. Any other thoughts?  Thanks, Nancy

On 2013-03-03, at 9:45 PM, Brian Barker wrote:

> At 11:00 03/03/2013 -0800, Nancy Street wrote:
>> Hello, I would appreciate your help and I'm sure the answer is very simple...but
I've been searching for a day and a half...trying to google, and FAQ.. to no avail.
>> QUESTION:  In a spreadsheet, Rather than displaying the ANSWER... the cell will only
give the formula.  I cannot get any answers ONLY formulas.
>> Example:  A1 = 200, A2 = 400, A3 = 500.....  in cell A4 I put =sum(A1:A3) enter....
in cell A4... the answer is =)sum(A1:A3).... I want the REAL answer of 11.
> Go to Tools | Options... | Calc | View | Display.  Is there a tick in
the Formulas box?  If so, remove it.
> Alternatively, it may be that you have entered your formula slightly wrongly, so that
it has been interpreted as a text string and not a formula.  One example of this is entering
a  leading space - before the equals sign.
> I trust this helps.
> Brian Barker

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