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From Andreas Säger <>
Subject Re: Java Runtime Environment
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2012 16:19:15 GMT
Am 04.11.2012 12:32, Peter O'Neill wrote:
> I am a very long time user of Open Office and have never experienced any problems in
the past.I recently installed version 3.4.1. 
> I am non technical . I have looked at the “ bug issues” and notice that a Michael
Williams has reported exactly my problem yesterday. I am at a loss as to what I can do to
correct the problem. I don’t even know what Java Runtime Environment is.
> Is there a patch or fix that I can download and install? Can I go back to the previous
version which worked perfectly well on both my PCs?

If you are really sure that you need to use an Java related feature with
OpenOffice under the Windows operating system then you go to


scroll down to the latest "Java SE 6 Update", click the download button
in the second column (below "JRE"), confirm the license blah and then
you download the full package

>  Windows x86 Offline	16.19 MB  	currently: jre-6u37-windows-i586.exe

You download the latest version of the elderly Java 6 trunk for 32-bit
systems even though you may be tempted to download the latest Java 7 for
"Windows x64" because you want the latest for your a 64-bit system.
OpenOffice itself is 32-bit software and any Java version that needs to
interface with AOO needs to be 32-bit as well. Java 6 is known to be
compatible with all the office features and all the extensions you may
install in addition to the office suite.
Java 6 is still maintained (updated on a regular basis) and there is
nothing wrong installing as many Java versions as needed to run all your
browser plug-ins, applications and office extensions.

1) Install that Java version.
2) In the office suite call Tools>Options>Java
3) Click the option button in front of your new Java 1.6.37 (clicking
the line does not work).
4) Shut down the office (mind any "quick starter" in your task bar).
Restart the office.

All this is far more complicated than necessary and still not documented

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