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From Kadal Amutham <>
Subject Display of Tamil Text
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2012 06:48:05 GMT
I am using Ubuntu 10.04  and OO 3.2. I have prepared a document in Tamil
using the attached font. I have attached the file also. I want the file
back to english somthing similar to the following paragraph. This generally
happens when I change the font to english font. But this is not happening.
I find the same problem with gedit the text editor in ubuntu.

The following text has been obtained by typing in Tamil using Tamu-maduram
font and changing the font to some english font say courier. But now I am
not able to convert. This back conversion is required to publish in

cyfj;jpy; kpfTk; mjpfkhf Ngrg;gLk; xNu tp\ak; ,J kl;LNk.  Ngrg;gLtJ kl;Lkh?
 gag;gLtJ> Mr;rhpag;gLtJ> gy ek;gpf;iffs! %yk; Muhag;gLtJ> gy tpQ!Qhd
Muha;r;rpf;Fl;gLtJ vy;yhk; ,e;j tp\aNk.  ,ij itj;Jg; gzk; gz!z
epidg;gth;fSk; Vuhsk;.  Mdhy; ,e;j xU jilr;Rth; vy;yhiuAk; Vkhw;wptpl;L> xU
Ghpahj GjpuhfNt cs!sJ.  gzj;jhy;> Gfohy;> gjtpahy;> gil gyj;jhy; mila Kbahj
tp\aq;fSk; cyfpy; cs!sd vd!gij kdpjd! xj;Jf;nfhs!s Ntz!ba fl;lhaj;jpw;F
kuzk; mtidj; js!SfpwJ.  Nfhbf;fzf;fhd Nfs!tpfs! kuzj;ijg; gw;wp cs!sd.
 ,Jtiu ,jw;F tpil ahUk; fhztpy;iyah? my;yJ ek; tho;f;if Ntfj;jhy; 'tpil
cz!L" vd!W nrhd!dth;fisg; Gwf;fzpj;J ehk; NtW jpirapy; topiaj; NjLfpNwhkh?

With Warm Regards

V.Kadal Amutham

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