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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: Desirable new feature
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2012 18:18:23 GMT
I think that OP is talking about something global to all his documents.
There are indexing applications. Some are provided by default with the OS.

Under Windows, I've used Copernic which works fine. If you can't install it because of admin
rights (corporate machine for example), DocFetcher is quite good.

NB: have CCed OP because he was not yet subscribed.


Le 24/11/2012 18:22, Brian Barker a écrit :

> At 21:07 23/11/2012 -0600, Joseph Domine wrote:
>> Can an add-in for OO be developed (envisioned??) that would create a customized index
of user selected words?
> It already has.
>> In one sense, it would be like the word list in a custom dictionary that gets built
by the user one word at a time as s/he adds new words to the dictionary.  My thought was that
it would result in a relatively small file since not all words would be indexed.  I would
think it should include []every[] instance where the word occurs.
> In a text (Writer) document,
> o Go to Insert | Indexes and Tables > | Indexes and Tables... | Index/Table.
> o For Type, select Alphabetical Index.
> o Click OK.
> o Select a word in the document.
> o Go to Insert | Indexes and Tables > | Entry... .
> o Tick "Apply to all similar texts" and then click Insert and Close.
> o Repeat for other words.
> o To update the index, either right-click in the index and select Update Index/Table
or go to Tools | Update > | Current Index or to Tools | Update > | All Indexes and Tables
or to Tools | Update > | All.
> You can configure the appearance of the index.  If you want just the word list, you could
easily copy the index, use Paste Special to paste an unformatted version elsewhere, and then
use Find & Replace to edit out parts you didn't want.
> I trust this helps.
> Brian Barker
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