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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Spell
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 20:49:30 GMT
Hi Mark,

Mark Soderburg schrieb:
> Recently my word processing documents have started to open with virtually
> every word underlined in red as if they are all misspelled. Has my
> dictionary or spell checker become un-attached somehow? I tried to cure by
> a re load of 3.4.1 but no luck.    Thanks   I am using windows

The installation of the dictionary is likely broken.

Do you have installed any other extensions?
If not, then it might help to delete the cache. It is in your 
OpenOffice-user folder. Do you know where it is? In that folder you will 
find\3\user\uno_packages\cache. Close 
(close quickstarter too, if you use it), then delete all content in that 
folder. It will be rebuild with the next start of 
Because the English dictionary is bundled, it should be available after 

If you have installed other extensions, it might be necessary to first 
uninstall them, then clean the cache as described above, and then 
reinstall your extensions.

Simple reloading or repairing does not solve problems in 
the user settings, because the user settings are preserved. You can test 
whether the problem is in the user settings or in the installation 
itself: Rename your folder, so that the application 
does not find it. It will generate a new, virgin one with the next 
start. If the error is gone then, you know, that something is broken in 
your user settings.

Kind regards

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