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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [OT - headers] Re: questi­on
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2012 18:34:57 GMT
On 01/11/2012 NoOp wrote:
> The _nonstandard_ 'Delivered-To' is used for loop-detection: ...
> and is not defined by any RFC.

Interesting to know, thanks.

> The easiest&  best solution IMO would be to add it as an X header
> (example: X-Delivered-To: moderator). ...
> Certainly with all of the experience Apache has with mail lists, it
> shouldn't be too difficult to make the modification... right?

As you have probably discovered by now, talking to Infra isn't always 
easy, especially because with 150 projects they are quite reluctant to 
apply project-specific configuration.

But once the mailing list migration from the Incubator is completed (and 
the overall migration progress so far is good, as you see on ) we will try to see 
how to improve this. I was thinking of (a combination of) an 
"X-Apache-moderated: yes" header (similar to your proposal), adding a 
"[moderated]" tag at the end of the subject, setting Reply-To to 
list+sender instead of list only. But we will reopen this discussion 
again once the ooo-users list has been moved out of the Incubator 
namespace, which should happen within a few days, depending on Infra.


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