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From "Coll-Barth, Michael" <>
Subject RE: Open Office in Swedish
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2012 22:41:10 GMT

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> From: M Henri Day []
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> Agree - but the responsibility for the forking should be placed squarely
> where it lies - on Oracle. Moreover, the forked paths would have
> automatically rejoined had Oracle, when it decided to dump OOo, chosen to
> assign it to the Document Foundation, which was already up and running and
> which requested that this be done. Instead, the firm decided to assign all
> the rights to Apache, in the knowledge that doing so would perpetuate the
> fork. Thank you, Mr Ellison....

Apache is open source as well.  So, I don't buy that argument.  Oracle bought Sun and acquired

To an outsider, namely me and one that is not vested in either side, it appears that someone
didn't like the notion that Oracle was in control of OO and decided to fork it.

For giggles sake, let's say that it was not a good thing to have OO in the hands of Oracle.
 Once OO was out of Oracle's control and in the hands of Apache, LO should have simply disappeared
with the LO developers flocking back to OO bringing with them the new ideas they built into
LO.  Oh, and of course, the squandered resources could be put to better use; building a solid,
open source Office Suite.
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