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From "Coll-Barth, Michael" <>
Subject RE: Open Office in Swedish
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2012 18:27:59 GMT

> From: M Henri Day []

> 2012/11/28 Johnny Rosenberg <>
> > Unfortunately it seems like most of the Swedish translators moved to
> > LibreOffice, which is a shame, because LibreOffice is crap these days.
> > For every new feature they introduce a dozen of bugs which will never
> > be corrected. Something like that, anyway. I was planning to go back
> > to OpenOffice, but I'd like to have it in Swedish, so maybe not… :(
> >
> The above statement to the effect that «LibreOffice is crap these days»
> does not at all correspond to my experience ; quite the contrary....
> Henri

It is truly a shame that there had to be this fork.  The 'eyes' have been effectively cut
in half between the two products.  And for what, minor differences?  Is one product really
so much better than the other?  Yeah, I see the differences, but they are less than between
versions of MS Office.

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