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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: Fwd: I am a student of BS-Software Engineering
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2018 07:41:28 GMT
Hello Farrukh Waheed

On 10/9/18 9:00 AM, Farrukh Waheed wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for the detailed reply.
> How you guys are building it for Windows on your sides if SDK is not 
> available anymore?

You are welcome. I try my best to get folks started.

People who build for windows have set up machines for this. And I think 
someone has the ISO of the SDK as a download.

If you ask on dev@, I am sure someone will help you out. We are 
migrating, but it is a difficult and challenging process. OpenOffice is 
very complex application as you can guess on build times below.

And we are only a view people active who are maintaining the software.

> Build related documents shows the pre-requisites and looks like I may 
> have to build it on my machine directly (no build server like Cheff or 
> Maven etc). And I guess, I could use GCC compilers here.

Yes we require that devs build their own versions. Since we would like 
to avoid that your change breaks something as much as possible. Also you 
have the option to do a partial build once you have a build version, 
which saves a lot of build time. I am not sure if this feature is used 

I think most devs are using VMs as building machines. We have discussed 
to make the VMs exchangeable, but it never got followed up.

We have a build server where  builds are done. (Buildtime is about 10h 
on those machines.)

We currently have no build bot for MacOSx releases. That are build by 
developers with mac. We know about the topic, and would like to solve it.

> I've not used Linux since a long time. Please let me know, if on 
> Linux, I can build for Windows too, so either I would get a Linux VM 
> or may use some extra machine to install Linux on it and made it a 
> build machine.
> In which technology, you are building the msi file... ??
Since you need the SDK it does not matter where you build. I think it is 
better not to do cross platform builds.
> I think, I may be a good help in WIX.
Awesome! :)
> Yes, I will be subscribing to dev mailing list too.


All the best


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