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From ASP An Aryan Sinha Presentation <>
Subject Re: Windows Build Environment futures (was: Open Office Contribution)
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2018 09:31:50 GMT
Hello there. My name is Aryan Sinha. I'm knowing the Basics of C++, Java,
Python etc. So I would like to Contribute to Open Office 5

On 23 Sep 2018 2:16 p.m., "Peter Kovacs" <> wrote:

Welcome George!

This sounds like you made up your mind for a long term volunteer
project, which is awesome.  A big welcome from me. I hope you stay with
us. Your mail sounds like you do not need much help. The recruitment has
the Idea to help people to integrate better, by giving them a dedicated
space to communicate.

Now lets root the discussion in to Dev Mailinglist. Please subscribe
there. Damjan is our awesome contributer for Windows. If you 2 align
that would be awesome. Please use the List, so all can participate.

We currently use MSVC 2008 for all releases, Damjan started to migrate
to MSVC2015. A bigger jump to 2017 is fine for me, but keep in mind that
we are standard wise behind 10 years the current standard. Especially on
Linux we support Distributions, that do not have support for c++11. Also
current conses is to keep Windows XP Compatibility.

At the same time, the migration from Windows 32bit Version to support
64bit has been started. The build currently breaks somewhere. A
continuation would be awesome.

And we are moving the build environment from dmake to gmake. There are
65 modules left. This activity has a huge impact because all platforms
are effected. And according to Damjan, the low fruits have been already
migrated, and the ones left are not easy.

@Damjan, you still would like to migrate then to SCON after gmake, btw?
I would still like to, even I do not count my voice much, because I did
not drive this topic much. :(

Hope those answer you some of your questions, and loop you in roughly
where our status is.

You can try Visual Studio version you like. I do not think MSVS supports
our code. We have some special features build in historically, that are
used only in the project. And we strongly use multilanguage
architecture. So bringing the support to Visual Studio will be also not

At Least on Eclipse it is very difficult to get the IDE partial working.
I am thinking on extending one IDE, and I am undecided if Eclipse is the
right choice, or maybe netbeans?... Well whatever not your issue. :)

It would be cool if we could establish Windows Visual Studio Suopport or
any other IDE.

All the best


The MSVC we use

# 2008:

# 2015:

On 9/22/18 2:27 PM, George K wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to contribute to Open Office. My main area of expertise is
> computer graphics i.e. ui/ux. I have previous experience with DirectX and
> OpenGL. My main focus this couple of years has been mobile development for
> iOS and Android. Also i know design and prototyping.
> I want to help make Open Office better and dusty off my C++ skills. I am
> currently trying to build Open Office on the Windows platform and i 've
> faced a problem as Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework
> 3.5. SP1 is not available to download. So i 'm stuck at the configure
> Also is Visual Studio 9 necessary? Can Visual Studio 2017 be used, as i
> can't find the former?
> That said, i would like to start by making the build process easier(at
> least on Windows). After many thoughts i 've come up with the following
> build process:
> -Install Visual Studio 2017(That means updating the project to work with
> MSVC 2017 and provide all the other libraries and tools needed for Windows
> through the VS installation. So all things Windows would be installed
> through VS).
> -Create a Windows script that will install all other prerequisites and
> check out the repo(Provide a .bat file that will be run from the command
> line which will install Java, Cygwin and it's modules, or install python
> and through python scripts set up all the above. Then checkout the repo
> from svn and be ready for build).
> -Build Open Office as usual.
> I know that all this may sound a lot because the whole project must be
> updated to modern tools, but i am willing to try. But first things first,
> would be grateful if someone cleared my questions above, for the build
> process, and after that get familiar with the code and discuss what would
> work and what not, for making the build process better. And if the later
> were to happen i believe that new users could be onboarded easier on the
> project and start working on features.
> Thanks in advance,
> George

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