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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: Volunteer
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2018 10:15:53 GMT
Hi Jack,

I see. Thank you a lot for your response. Did you manage to unsubscribe?

I would like to improve the situation for others that fail to connect to 
the OpenOffice Development community. If you could spare some more time, 
that would be wonderful.

The first time I learned that you were on the List was with your request 
to unsubscribe on 28th of Aug. I could also not find any mails prior to 
this one in our Archives.

I assume that you assumed that when you subscribe someone gets notified 
and will welcome you, right?

Since this expectation is not full filled, because there is no general 
notification it is very helpful to understand the steps you took prior 
to subscription.

If you could help us by roughly describing which pages you have read 
before you have subscribed would be very helpful.

In any case I whish you all the best in your new position. If you regain 
Interest or time or want something fixed please simply write a mail to 
this list, and we have a talk on how OpenOffice development works these 

All the best


On 9/8/18 10:31 PM, Jack Riley wrote:
> I subscribed to offer my 30+ years of experience writing requirements,
> interfaces and verification document.  Never was approach by anyone there
> to address these areas.  Now I am teaching at a college level and assisting
> companies with internal training in statistics and would not have the time
> any more to devote to this even if asked.
> On Sun, Aug 26, 2018, 4:04 PM Peter Kovacs <> wrote:
>> Hi Jack,
>> may I ask why you have subscribed in the first place? - What did you
>> hope for?
>> In order to unsubscribe:
>> 1. Send an email to
>> 2. Answer the email from the Bot
>> 3. you are unsubscribed.
>> strange normaly there should be following footer:
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>> To unsubscribe,
>> For additional commands,
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Best
>> Peter
>> On 8/25/18 1:48 PM, Jack Riley wrote:
>>> Unsubscribe me from this email list!
>>> On Fri, Aug 24, 2018, 9:02 AM Stacie Porterfield <
>>>> wrote:
>>>> unsubscribe
>>>> No matter how hard I try, I am unable to get out of these emails.
>>>> On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 9:59 AM, sandro <>
>> wrote:
>>>>> Thank you Andrea,
>>>>> Your proposal is an enchant like a divine lyric, I welcome what you
>> have
>>>>> proposed with happiness.
>>>>> Two birds were flying and then one of them asked: How astonishing is
>> the
>>>>> sky? Well the sky is a blue expansive embrace, thought the bird and
>> that
>>>>> embrace was ardent  like the yellow sun. The jubilant feeling aroused
>> the
>>>>> bird like a whispering wind streaming his body and it flew under the
>> sky
>>>>> toward freedom.
>>>>> It is certainly amazing to contribute to this amazing team, as I said
>> in
>>>>> another email my programming skills are mostly in PHP, but I was
>> already
>>>>> introduced to Python.
>>>>> I would like to know how is it proceeded the communication with the
>>>> group:
>>>>> a) Is the communication mostly in this mailing list?
>>>>> b) How may us exchange information about the project?
>>>>> Glad,
>>>>> Sandro Suzart
>>>>> ________________________________
>>>>> De: Andrea Pescetti <>
>>>>> Enviado: quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2018 13:49
>>>>> Para:; Peter Kovacs; sandro
>>>>> Assunto: Re: Volunteer
>>>>> Peter Kovacs wrote:
>>>>>> No, we will not track your hours on the project.
>>>>>> And I think we will also not organize the work.
>>>>>> However we can help you in picking the right work for the time you
>> want
>>>>> to invest. So you deliver something and will not lost in to big step.
>>>>> This is correct, but if Sandro needs that someone in the OpenOffice
>>>>> Project Management Committee lists his contributions and confirms that
>>>>> they correspond to a "timesheet" that Sandro will maintain and submit,
>>>>> I'm sure this can be arranged.
>>>>> So if the obstacle is that you need some formal attestation for your
>>>>> contributions and for the time spent in contributing, I think it won't
>>>>> be a major issue to let you have something, provided you do the
>> tracking
>>>>> yourself and we simply validate it.
>>>>> So: if you want to get started, just pick an area or list your skills
>>>>> and we can start.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>      Andrea.

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