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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: Volunteer
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2018 07:28:06 GMT
Hi Sandro,

Welcome to OpenOffice!

We are always looking for people to contribute to the project. However 
in the end OpenOffice is a technical Product.

Since we do believe in the freedom of the volunteer, it takes some of 
your time to get you going.

Where do we need help:

# We need help to test things.

## On Bugzilla we have a lot of reports which have to be reviewed and 
decided if there are still acurate, if the Issue can be followed.

## We need help at testing our Releases to find Bugs early.

# We need help at documentation

## The Wikipedia pages refer to older versions. We need people to review 
them and update them

## We are open for new stuff, like you tube tutorials- We have a channel 
I think.

# We need help at programming, if you want to learn that.

# We need help at translations, if you are interested in this.

We do not offer any Jobs or certificates at this point, I am sorry.

What we do when we see your commitment that we offer a committer status. 
You are from that poiunt onward official Part of the Project, which is 
stated Publicly.

Also all your work and Participation is public and can be reviewed by 

What do you think? Is there something for you you would like to do? Any 
other Issues? What do you need?

All the Best


On 8/20/18 3:59 AM, sandro wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Sandro Suzart, I am student of arts and it is amazing to speak to you. I have
read in the Open Office website that this team needs support and want volunteers, so I am
mailing as I have been introduced.
> How nice it is to find an exciting experience? It is certainly like a beautiful lake
where the water is smooth, there you shall see the great sky mirrored and smile with passion,
because then you have met the infinity.
> I would like to know how may I contribute and also if Open Office may offer a certificate
of the collaboration work, if there is such a thing I would appreciate (or if there is at
least any form to present that joyful experience to my university or future jobs). It certainly
is a great experience like a great river to sit by and delight.
> Thank you,
> Sandro Suzart

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