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From David Larson <>
Subject Re: Introduction of: R J Wahl
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2017 10:48:48 GMT
I personally prefer Kanban and Scrum like teams to being in work Hierarchy.  The only thing
Hierarchy makes sense to me is to control the money and the expected result being paid for.
 I usually avoid being part of Hierarchy as I don't see it as being productive for new ideas.
Suggestion:  Put a useful link in your email when you refer to something like Bugzilla tracking.
 How do you tell how many people are working on the same task and what they are doing?   If
we were to use a Kanban board, it would need a timeout for any volunteers that don't report
in to facilitate new volunteers taking over a task.

Data: I have been looking at Hadoop recently and have used Python.   R will come later.  My
personal approach to data of any size so far involves a pseudo AI mindset I label as Instinct
along with dividing and conquering the data from different perspectives until I like what
I see.

I will be getting up to speed on more DevOps automation skills over time while I play in cloud
systems like AWS.  I expect Cloudformation and the Google management equivalent to be my best
friends perhaps Jenkins also.  I have some experience with Gmake and it sounds like a good
move.  I have Visual Studio 2017 professional installed on my computers but I am concerned
that environment path settings are disappearing with windows updates on the windows insider
program.  Next thing you know the command prompt no longer knows what python is and pip install
doesn't finish successfully.  I don't look forward to spending time fixing that.

The garbage problem sounds similar to what I was seeing with spreadsheet filters.   Comparing
what worked before and considering event conflict scenerios might help.

From: Peter Kovacs <>
Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2017 1:45 PM
To: David Larson;
Subject: Re: Introduction of: R J Wahl

Hi David,

Let me point out that we do not work Hierarchial. This might be strange, but thats how it
is. The focus is on your desicion. You decide the amount, and the activity. There is no responsibility
to do anything, only the respect from those that are interested in OpenOffice when you get
involved. We currently have no company that is looking for any positions. :P

I understand that a lot of people have difficulties with this approach, so I try to give some
lead. And usually Recruitment is quite quiet, since it has only the purpose to be an entrypoint
for newcommers to give some orientation and space. We hope that they join the community and
get involved there. If there is in need or you have some Questions that you feel fit on recruitment
then feel free to do so. The Recruiters (where I think I am the most active one) will try
our best to support.

In general the Bugzilla Bugtracker has a lot of tasks where one can find something to do.
(I think over 3K open request, a lot of them Rubbish, old whishes or whatever).

We currently have following dev Topics in Discussion:

# There is the general Idea to do some generic Code maintenance by replaceing the good ols
C arrays with the more modern Container based approches.

# TOP Community Issue is that under certain conditions OpenOffice writes rubbish to disk,
destroying all users work. It is currently in Analysis.

# Our Microsoft compatibility sucks. There is the Idea to integrate OOXML from Apache POI.
This is kind of difficult since we use a SAX API and POI does not support that, plus has limitations.

# We still use 20 year old dmake. Damjan is migrating to gmake toolset, maybe this could be

# pushing next Release to public: i think we have work to do to iron out bugs so we cann call
it stable. The dream is we manage it this year. (So far we also dreamed of releasing 4.1.4
in Q1 maybe Q2.)

I recommend to try build OpenOffice first. The build Process has a charm on its own and the
Code is also not very intuitive. So participating is not easy task.

In all questions the dev Mailing list is the place to talk to.

Since all Volunteers are doing this in their freetime, sometimes you need to have patience
and be persistant. If you assume that everybody has around the time for this Project as you,
you are not so far from the truth I believe.

You are free and welcome to help as you think best. Sorry to stress that a bit. ;)

If none of the active topics suits you I can try and dig some other stuff out. No issue. Could
take a while thought.

I hope this helps you and you have interest enough to make your way into the Project. :)

So data sientist?! Well I am happen to be active in that Area (roughly lol). So what you are
looking into? SAS or more in python and R ? - Just courious.

Have Fun!

All the Best


On 22.10.2017 20:08, David Larson wrote:

I have been waiting for some time to see message activity here that makes sense.  It has been
pretty quiet. Thanks for your reply.

I am an experienced software engineer with skills in C, C++, Assembly, Java, SQL and so on,
in addition to constantly learning new skills.  Let me turn your question around.   I am willing
to take a chance to help volunteer a little of my time to make OpenOffice better. What do
you want me to do?   I don't have much spare time while I strive to pivot my career toward
data analysis and find a job  opportunity near me (or remote access) that doesn't include
hidden age discrimination.  Do you have a list of tasks available?  Are you interested in
adding new tasks such as fixing the spreadsheet filtering bug?   I signed up expecting to
see some activity and instructions on how to get started helping that I could focus on a task
to help such as debugging, fixing something, code reviewing, mentoring making unit tests or
even reproducing bugs.  My last email was both to declare OpenOffice as still being a worthwhile
product and suggest possible ideas that occur to me.

Getting to know people  with similar interests but different perspectives while helping is
a plus.   Nobody knows my accomplishments except my former job coworkers because I haven't
been a social media type person trying to promote everything I do and I haven't yet placed
any of my personal projects on public github repositories.  I prefer to spend most of my time
focused on accomplishing the next something.

Best regards,

David M Larson | Professional Profile | LinkedIn<>
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recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners.

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From: Peter Kovacs <><>
Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2017 10:24 AM
To:<>; David
Subject: Re: Introduction of: R J Wahl

Hi David Larson,

What do you want? This list is ment for people who are interested in
joining OpenOffice to improve the application OpenOffice.
Nothing more nothing less.

Do you want to join or are you looking for coworkers?

All the best

On 21.10.2017 14:45, David Larson wrote:
> I use openoffice portable so its handy when I need it but out of the way (not using computer
resources when I don't use it).  I do the same with the chrome browser as it launches too
many processes for my tastes.   I don't use Microsoft Office as its too integrated with the
OS.  I want my computer to be like a transformer Lamborghini not  an overburdened bus. I put
32gb of ram in each of my computers and I still feel that way as I have my own plans for the
data space.
> One slightly annoying behavior of openoffice to fix is sometimes when I start it the
first time it complains about needing to clean up and quits before starting but it works the
second time I try, however then it tends to state it is recovering documents I last worked
on when I already have them saved and puts them into a read only state.  In addition, there
is document formats that probably need to be added. On the ancient side, there is Wordstar
which I discovered I still have old resumes written in and have to resort to a different tool
to recover their valuable content.  On the current side, I am suspicious that the latest Word
like formats supported are getting stale with the Office fans out there.  Hopefully these
are not beyond our reach.   I don't personally care about spreadsheet file formats at this
time as I only use them for my own experiments nor for presentation formats usually although
I may care for those soon.   I do care about some recent new spreadsheet misbehaviors with
moderately sized data sets I have been seeing which I don't like... mostly regarding auto
filters that cause weird results that are difficult to undo.  This problem interferes with
my efforts to develop the information I need for a special new kindle book on SQL. Do we have
a comprehensive list of the latest formats, bugs, and important features that should be supported
but may not be?
> Note I am willing to use github for public projects and I am using Atlassian Bitbucket
for my private projects as I can have 4 coworkers in it for free in that we can use to get
started saving the world from data overload.
> ________________________________
> From: Andrea Pescetti <><>
> Sent: Saturday, October 21, 2017 12:44 AM
> To:<>
> Cc:<>
> Subject: Re: Introduction of: R J Wahl
> CCing R J for the answer below. When someone is new, please reply to
> list+sender. R J, you may want to subscribe to the list, see
Mailing Lists - Apache OpenOffice - Project Website<>
Mailing Lists Apache OpenOffice Public Mailing Lists¶ We welcome you to join our mailing
lists and let us know about your thoughts or ideas about Apache OpenOffice.

> Mailing Lists - Apache OpenOffice - Project Website<>
Mailing Lists - Apache OpenOffice - Project Website<>
Mailing Lists Apache OpenOffice Public Mailing Lists¶ We welcome you to join our mailing
lists and let us know about your thoughts or ideas about Apache OpenOffice.

> Mailing Lists Apache OpenOffice Public Mailing Lists¶ We welcome you to join our mailing
lists and let us know about your thoughts or ideas about Apache OpenOffice.
> . Andrea.
> On 20/10/2017 David Larson wrote:
>> Hi R J,
>> What programming languages are you learning/using and what are your interests?
>> ________________________________
>> From: Arjay Woodmaster <><>
>> Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 11:50 AM
>> To:<>
>> Subject: Introduction of: R J Wahl
>> Hi I am R J Wahl.
>> I am from South Africa.
>> I am interested in general programming, computers and heavy metal.
>> I decided to look at open source projects as a learning curve towards
>> becoming a better programmer.
>> Thanks
>> R J Wahl

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