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From Diana T <>
Subject Re: Introduction of: R J Wahl
Date Sun, 22 Oct 2017 06:23:08 GMT

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> On Oct 21, 2017, at 15:45, David Larson <> wrote:
> I use openoffice portable so its handy when I need it but out of the way (not using computer
resources when I don't use it).  I do the same with the chrome browser as it launches too
many processes for my tastes.   I don't use Microsoft Office as its too integrated with the
OS.  I want my computer to be like a transformer Lamborghini not  an overburdened bus. I put
32gb of ram in each of my computers and I still feel that way as I have my own plans for the
data space.
> One slightly annoying behavior of openoffice to fix is sometimes when I start it the
first time it complains about needing to clean up and quits before starting but it works the
second time I try, however then it tends to state it is recovering documents I last worked
on when I already have them saved and puts them into a read only state.  In addition, there
is document formats that probably need to be added. On the ancient side, there is Wordstar
which I discovered I still have old resumes written in and have to resort to a different tool
to recover their valuable content.  On the current side, I am suspicious that the latest Word
like formats supported are getting stale with the Office fans out there.  Hopefully these
are not beyond our reach.   I don't personally care about spreadsheet file formats at this
time as I only use them for my own experiments nor for presentation formats usually although
I may care for those soon.   I do care about some recent new spreadsheet misbehaviors with
moderately sized data sets I have been seeing which I don't like... mostly regarding auto
filters that cause weird results that are difficult to undo.  This problem interferes with
my efforts to develop the information I need for a special new kindle book on SQL. Do we have
a comprehensive list of the latest formats, bugs, and important features that should be supported
but may not be?
> Note I am willing to use github for public projects and I am using Atlassian Bitbucket
for my private projects as I can have 4 coworkers in it for free in that we can use to get
started saving the world from data overload.
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> From: Andrea Pescetti <>
> Sent: Saturday, October 21, 2017 12:44 AM
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> Subject: Re: Introduction of: R J Wahl
> CCing R J for the answer below. When someone is new, please reply to
> list+sender. R J, you may want to subscribe to the list, see
> Mailing Lists - Apache OpenOffice - Project Website<>
> Mailing Lists Apache OpenOffice Public Mailing ListsĀ¶ We welcome you to join our mailing
lists and let us know about your thoughts or ideas about Apache OpenOffice.
> . Andrea.
>> On 20/10/2017 David Larson wrote:
>> Hi R J,
>> What programming languages are you learning/using and what are your interests?
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>> From: Arjay Woodmaster <>
>> Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 11:50 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: Introduction of: R J Wahl
>> Hi I am R J Wahl.
>> I am from South Africa.
>> I am interested in general programming, computers and heavy metal.
>> I decided to look at open source projects as a learning curve towards
>> becoming a better programmer.
>> Thanks
>> R J Wahl

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