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From Patricia Shanahan <>
Subject Re: Introduction and first questions
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2016 23:54:27 GMT
On 9/13/2016 12:01 PM, Jonathan Kühn wrote:
> So I got some questions:
> To start with a stupid one: Do I really need to join the dev@ or can I
> procrastinate this to a later point in time? Can I help you without
> joining it, but waiting until I feel more comfortable joining it? How
> can I know where you need help?

dev@ is rather busy right now. We are getting reorganized, and preparing 
to put out a release.

> You use subversion. As I am not (yet) allowed to submit changes myself,
> do I need to install it?

You will need a subversion client to do useful coding. Even though you 
can't directly make changes, you can construct a "patch", the difference 
between your working version and a checked-in version. You can attach a 
patch to a BugZilla report. A committer can then pick it up and apply it 
for you.

> Where can I find the source code/documentation/tests or whatever I shall
> work with, and how should I know which part is important for me at the
> moment?

Information about that is in the guides on how to build AOO. What 
platform(s) will be you be using?

> I didn't learn C++ yet, but I think I have to learn it this semester,
> but I got basics in C. Should I wait, until I got basics in C++ before
> doing anything with your code, or is knowing C and Java as
> object-oriented language enough to understand your (C++)-code and write
> some myself?
> Wait, thats sounds a bit like I think that C++ don't need to be learned
> if you did learn C. But I think I heard somewhere, that C-code is C++
> compatible, is this true?
> I won't ask any more C <-> C++ questions here, I don't think this is the
> right forum for this...

This is the right forum for anything a new volunteer needs to ask to get 
started. It exists to help with those questions without the wide 
distribution and noise level of dev@

I don't recommend writing C++ without having actually studied it. You 
may be able to analyze a bug report and track down the problem using C, 
Java, and some guesswork. That would itself be useful.

> I think this are enough questions for the beginning, I tell you if I
> know more.
> Feel free to ask me anything you want.
> I'm waiting for some answers and will be glad to work with you together
> on this project.
> Sincerely
> Jonathan Kühn
> PS: Sorry for my bad english, I'm no native speaker.

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