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Subject [Issue 125194] Cannot work with shared documents on Sharepoint webdav
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 08:41:25 GMT

--- Comment #15 from Giuseppe Castagno (aka beppec56) <>
Possibly further upgrade on the issue solution

While investigating the issue, we discovered that the Microsoft Office suite of
programs works in another way WRT Sharepoint, according to some documentation
found on the net (see

So may be the best thing to do is have AOO works the same way.

To implement this way we need:
- WebDAV locking in place, see below;
- have serf able to manage the NTLM authentication, something serf 1.2.1
currently in AOO does not support.
  According to serf more recent changelog, it was first introduced in sef

WebDAV file locking implementation

I implemented the WebDAV file locking, per RFC4918
It's on the repo I mentioned in comment #13:
At the moment the whole change is still spread among too many commit,
it contains too many debug logging I need to remove and needs to be rebased to
trunk, being it on top of AOO 4.1.1.
I need to remove a new debug logging component I added
that's not meant for general use.

To mantain clarity, I'll open another issue specific for WebDAV lock, updating
the older issues on the same to point to this new one
(some are on OOo 1.1.1, other for OOo 3.x, all refers to pre serf era).
I'll do this as soon I have a simple test using Windows 7 Professional resident
WebDAV, where I can enable Windows authentication.

I'll open a issue for serf upgrade as well, in order to have the Windows (NTLM)
authentication support.

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