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Subject [Issue 97958] Promote/Demote Outline UI problem
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2014 11:13:07 GMT

Mauri Edo <> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Mauri Edo <> ---
(Mauri Edo - 07/06/14)

AOO Version: AOO410m18 (Build:9764)
Config: MacBook OS X v.10.9.3

I have been able to reproduce this with my configuration, observing an
additional side effect during the process. Updated steps to reproduce with
further information:

1. Open attached document
2. Select outline view
3. Highlight all text (reproduced with key shortcut as well as "edit > select
all" menu options)
4. Demote (both with shortcuts or toolbar buttons)
    - no special events observed
5. Promote (both with shortcuts or toolbar buttons)
    - mouse pointer turns into loading mode (sand clock)
6. Demote (both with shortcuts or toolbar buttons)
    - the static "Delete slides" message appears in the status bar, with a
static progress bar (as shown in the attached screenshot)
    - mouse pointer remains in loading mode (sand clock)

At this point, promoting and demoting once again makes the "Delete slides"
message disappear, but a new set of promotion and demotion makes it reappear
again, and these set of operations can be repeated several times with
consistent results as explained. During all process, the mouse pointer remains
in loading mode and seems to stay that way, even if the user gets back to
normal mode and performs regular operations (create new slides, add content,
change slides order...). As stated, having the mouse pointer in loading mode
does not prevent the user perform any action, it is just a little annoying and
the only way to get rid of it that I've been able to find is closing the
document (or the whole application).

Regarding the structure of the presentation, to reproduce this issue it is
needed for the first action to be a demotion (promotion / demotion / promotion
does not generate the inappropriate behaviour) and the demotion to actually
demote something, or the steps to reproduce wont't work. Besides it seems to be
required to demote content to different levels of indentation, that's why the
attached document shows the inappropriate behaviour after a "select all" and
demotion: the document contains 2 slides with bulleted content, the bulleted
content gets indented a further level and the second slide becomes a first
level indentation of the first slide (which is actually a slide deletion, and
could be the origin of the message in the status bar).

Also observed during my testing of this issue, in case of selecting some
indented content of the first slide (but not its header), the header of the
second and some indented content of the second slide, the demotion / promotion
/ demotion turns the mouse pointer into loading mode too, but no message in the
status bar appears.

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