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Subject [Issue 125093] NO Spellcheck
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2014 19:11:37 GMT

Philip Belben <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Philip Belben <> ---
I have a problem that looks related.

Earlier this month (June 2014) I opened a document in OpenOffice Writer to find
that every word was marked as a spelling error.

This was with OpenOffice 4.0.1, so today I upgraded to 4.1.0.  Problem

I tried re-installing the English Dictionaries extension.  I consistently get
the error message:

does not exist.

This is true.  There is no ...\svj13c.tmp_ subdirectory there at all.  The only
one is ...\svlm9d.tmp_ and this contains only the German dictionary.  Copying
the English dictionary extension in there also didn't help.  However, if I set
the language to German, and type some German, it checks the spelling correctly
and flags only words that are not correct German words.

Time for more drastic measures.  I created the svj13c.tmp_ subdirectory, put
the downloaded extension in there, and ran it from there.  Up came OpenOffice
extension manager, asking would I like to replace the older extension of the
same name with this one.  Yes please!  It claimed a successful installation,
and gave me a list of English spelling conventions available to me ... but the
bug remains.  If I select UK English, all words are underlined in red. 
Likewise with Australian English - I haven't tried any others - but German
still works.

In case it is not clear from the filename in the error message, this is a
Windows 7 system.  In case it matters, my default languages is everywhere
British English.

Incidentally, can we have a facility to copy text from the error dialogue box
in order to paste it into the bug reprt?

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