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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Places for Installation, Startup, Troubleshooting, Caveats, Tips, Workarounds, and maybe FAQ?
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2016 16:22:02 GMT
Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Thanks for the comments, Keith.
> I only knew that ODFAuthors was already in full operation when the
> Apache OpenOffice podling was created.  I didn't know what the prior
> history with was.
> We shot ourselves in the foot with the ALv2 requirement, especially
> since the existing materials had many contributors and at the time
> CC-By wasn't thought to be so toxic as it is for releases.  We still
> have tons of stuff under PDL and it is not thought to be awful.  I
> think because it does not appear in our source-code releases.
> Life is still intervening.  Yes, in print I would put the
> installation and trouble-shooting material in the back of the book.
> We can do something similar along the lines you align with in the web
> context, below.
> A minimum case, probably not well organized, would be enough web
> pages and screen captures to back up something like the 4.1.2-patch1
> README, so that people could be shown how to do all of the
> prerequisites.  Those come in handy for many other cases and it would
> be great to have something to link to for situations like the hotfix
> and especially things like resetting the user profile, etc.
The case of resetting the profile is already handled as part of the
and The HowTo's
Though the HowTo article could use some rework, especially the section
on resetting the profile.

As far as the hot-fix it should not be to difficult to put something
together based on the readme files released as part of the package.
> So I guess the first thing would be enough skeleton to hang those
> bits onto so that it can have permalinks when referenced outside of
> the Wiki.  Then it can be updated and filled in.
I can do that fairly easily. The question is where do we put it. Should
it be in the HowTo's section or in the cookbook section of the User Guide?
>> -----Original Message----- From: Keith N. McKenna
>> [] Sent: Sunday, September 4, 2016
>> 19:58 To: Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Places
>> for Installation, Startup, Troubleshooting, Caveats, Tips,
>> Workarounds, and maybe FAQ?
>> Keith N. McKenna wrote: <snip>
>>> [knmc] I will try to put something together over the next few
>>> days as far as constructive feedback
>> Has been a little more than a few days, but as usual life has 
>> intervened. My personal belief is that there was never enough
>> thought put into what the overall documentation needs of the
>> project were. The User Guide was started because many people
>> believed that we absolutely needed to have documentation under the
>> ALV2 license. That necessitated starting from scratch as the User
>> Guides, Admin Guide, etc. where all under either the PDL or CC-BY
>> and could not be used as a basis for this new documentation. I do
>> not believe that it was ever intended to cover all possible
>> documentation needs, nor should it.
>> That being said I will comment on your points in-line.
>>>>> -----Original Message----- From: Dennis E. Hamilton 
>>>>> [] Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2016
>>>>> 10:34 To: Subject: [DISCUSS] Places
>>>>> for Installation, Startup, Troubleshooting, Caveats, Tips,
>>>>> Workarounds, and maybe FAQ?
>>>>> I notice that the User Guide draft does not provide
>>>>> connection to topics around installation, startup, and so on,
>>>>> at least not at the top level, 
>>>>> <>.
>> [knmc} A link to the HowTo on installation has been added. Start-up
>> should be handled in the same way. As far as "and so on" I cannot
>> comment on that as it is far to vague. [/knmc]
>>>>> The Apache OpenOffice Documentation Project page is project 
>>>>> descriptive, rather than documentation descriptive, at 
>>>>> <>.  This page
>>>>> has a mix of old and somewhat recent material and a variety
>>>>> of formats and works-in-progress.
>> [knmc] As far as I know that was by design. As far as a hodge-podge
>> of material that was also partially by design and partially as a
>> consequence of the documentation team leaving the umbrella of
>> and setting up there own site at what is now the
>> ODFAuthors site. [/knmc]
>>>>> I am particularly interested, myself, in information about 
>>>>> installation, start up, ways of starting work with
>>>>> documents, saving and locating documents, tips for
>>>>> configuring for careful and systematic operation as well as
>>>>> trouble-shooting, working-around common problems, and
>>>>> limitations to be known about.  I am also interested in that
>>>>> information being well-illustrated.  My priority, by the way,
>>>>> is Windows first, since that represents over 85% of our user
>>>>> community measured by download statistics.
>>>>> These don't seem to be part of the User Guide project but
>>>>> there are a variety of places where better information could
>>>>> be provided.
>> [knmc] They are not a part of that and it is my opinion that they
>> should not be. They should have there own section of overall
>> documentation. There is a section of the users guide called "cook
>> book" that could be used for some of this type of material. 
>> [/knmc]
>>>>> It seems to me that there are three ways to have the
>>>>> supporting documentation address this.
>>>>> 1. Add a section to the user guide for covering
>>>>> Installation, Configuration, Operation, Troubleshooting, and
>>>>> Removal.  It would need to deal with separation of the
>>>>> different platforms (and their versions) in some clean way so
>>>>> that users on a particular platform can find what is
>>>>> pertinent to them and requires knowing their computer
>>>>> operating- system when it is not the same for all platforms.
>>>>> It would also need to deal with differences in AOO version
>>>>> functionality/caveats in some manner.
>> [knmc] Again in my opinion those do not belong in a traditional
>> user guide but in a separate set of specialized docs. [/knmc]
>>>>> 2. Use the current structure and update and add the
>>>>> information that seems to be important for providing the kind
>>>>> of documentation support I am speaking of,
>>>>> employing/expanding HOWTOs and the Frequently Asked Questions
>>>>> to tie into such material.
>> For me this makes more sense as it makes use of existing
>> resources. [/knmc]
>>>>> 3. Maybe some combination, although cross-referencing might
>>>>> not serve users well unless it is smooth and frictionless
>>>>> (especially around users not losing their place based on what
>>>>> they are looking into).
>>>>> Down the road, I would think it would be good to move The 
>>>>> Documentation Project to a DocumentationProject wiki topic,
>>>>> and have current relevant documentation at the Documentation
>>>>> topic. Older material about unsupported software could move
>>>>> to a separate topic page (PreviousDocumentation ?) and
>>>>> cleaned up, and be accessible from the top-level
>>>>> Documentation topic.
>> [knmc] This is a very good idea. There is to much clutter do to
>> years of neglect. [/knmc]
>>>>> Is there some coordination required about this, so that
>>>>> things don't be left in a broken, disconnected state?  I
>>>>> think the material could be migrated in a way that keeps
>>>>> everything connected even as material is morphed into a new
>>>>> structure.
>> [knmc] There is definitely coordination needed. They way links and
>> categories work it can be fairly easy to leave something orphaned. 
>> [/knmc]
>>>>> - Dennis
>>>>> PS: I notice there were no responses to this question about
>>>>> how inter- version changes or specific-version items are
>>>>> identified.
>>>>> PPS: Something else that needs to be done is cleanup around
>>>>> what is under PDL and what is not. I would thing that needs
>>>>> to be attended to in separation of Apache Licensed material
>>>>> and anything that must be retained under PDL.
>> [knmc] This is definitely something that is long overdue. However
>> it is not something I am comfortable commenting further on as I
>> have virtually no knowledge in this area. [/knmc]
>>>>>> -----Original Message----- From: Dennis E. Hamilton 
>>>>>> [] Sent: Sunday, January 31,
>>>>>> 2016 18:17 To: Subject:
>>>>>> [QUESTIONS] Dealing with AOO Inter-Version Changes
>>>>>> I notice that there is checking of documentation against
>>>>>> current releases of Apache OpenOffice, although that does
>>>>>> not seem to be reflected in the texts themselves, once User
>>>>>> Guide pages are
>>>>> designated
>>>>>> as stable/"published".
>>>>>> I know there were a couple of behavioral changes in AOO
>>>>>> 4.1.2 although that might not show at the current level of 
>>>>>> documentation detail.
>>>>>> I wonder how changes to AOO that are user-perceived will
>>>>>> be reflected
>>>>> in
>>>>>> the documentation.  Is not the older form to be maintained
>>>>>> so it can
>>>>> be
>>>>>> found by someone who is looking at such a version?  Also,
>>>>>> would we
>>>>> want
>>>>>> to start marking the first version for which a page or
>>>>>> chunk of
>>>>> content
>>>>>> is current?
>>>>>> Perhaps that is covered somewhere in the documentation
>>>>>> guidance. I would be grateful if someone could point me to
>>>>>> where this sort of change-accounting and
>>>>>> feature-progression has been decided.
>>>>>> - Dennis
>>>>>> PS: Although these questions struck me about the User
>>>>>> Guide, if you
>>>>> look
>>>>>> at the top-level of the MediaWiki documentation section,
>>>>>> there are
>>>>> many
>>>>>> items that are specific to older versions that are (or may
>>>>>> be)
>>>>> obsolete
>>>>>> with respect to newer versions of OpenOffice.
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