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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Is it time to shut down this effort?
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2016 21:58:23 GMT
On 23/07/2016 Keith N. McKenna wrote:
> My answer to the question posed in the tittle of this e-mail
> unfortunately is yes. We have been moving by fits and starts for almost
> 4 years and have very little to show for it. I would like to hear the
> opinions of others though.

(I know this conversation moved to the dev list, but I'm answering here 
since it fits here)

There is some significant work done and we shouldn't throw it away. 
Everything is on the wiki, so we could just keep what we have and 
dispose of the process.

I mean: we can link to the (unfinished) new documentation from the wiki 
home page, design some template saying "This page is part of an 
unfinished documentation effort, please e-mail [this list] if you'd like 
to contribute" and put it on all pages that are still unfinished or just 
a title.

Then the risk is to lose a bit of oversight and consistency, but at 
least we show what we have and we give people the opportunity to help if 
the wish.

By the way, thanks Keith for your documentation efforts so far. And if I 
were you, I would simply relax the process and be available for creating 
accounts for new volunteers and give advice when needed. This way we 
don't have to close or undo anything.


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