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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: Jaret Basden -- Intro
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2016 18:45:47 GMT
Jaret Basden wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Jaret and I am excited to join the Open Office Documentation
> Team. I am an educated (B.S., Technical Communication) and experienced
> technical writer and am excited about the opportunity to contribute
> high-value content to the project.
> I have experience creating a variety of documentation such as report and
> form overviews, context-sensitive help, training materials, and so forth. I
> also have experience working in wikis and blogs.
> Looking forward to working with you.
> Sincerely,
> Jaret Basden
Greetings Jaret;

Welcome to the AOO Documentation team. Currently the major thrust has
been to get the introductory materials and the Writer Guide Finished on
the M-wiki at
We also have a status page at which
shows a broad overview of what still needs to be done.

The AOO context sensitive help is a somewhat convoluted process. I will
have to dig into the materials that I have to point you to further

Feel free to jump in look around and work on anything that you think
could use some help. This mailing list is the main means of
communication for the team so please if you have any questions feel free
to ask and given your experience any insights that you may have are most


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