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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: Rebooting the Documentation Effort
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2016 20:57:07 GMT
Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> [bcc: dev@]
> Hi Keith,
> I have belatedly noticed your efforts to reboot the documentation
> effort, first in April and again in December, 2015.
> I commend you on this.

Thank You Dennis, I appreciate it.
> While people raise their hands, we don't seem to achieve traction.
> I would like to know from those who did not persevere,
> What got in the way?
> Is it all a matter of life intervening?
> Are there technical and communication matters that can be addressed
> to remove any barriers that were encountered?
> Is there missing information?
> - Dennis
I cannot speak for others, but  I will add my own observations for
whatever use they may be.

I think a lot of people raise their hand to volunteer with the
expectation that there will be a lot of mentoring, task assignments and
that sort of thing. We do not have experienced people to do mentoring to
that level. I am not a tech writer. I am a Manufacturing Engineer that
has written some technical documentation as a part of my job. As far as
task assignments I believe that each contributor knows best there
strengths and are better able to know what they might be best at. If
someone wants to take on the task of handing out assignments for new
volunteers I think that could be a help.

Given the recent level of activity, I am cautiously optimistic that we
may see some more forward momentum.


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