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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Some helpful templaes being added to user guide pages
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2015 20:58:03 GMT
Hi All,

In an effort to help make pages that need work I am in the process of
adding the NeedRework Template to all the pages that need it. This puts
them in a special category. To check this category when you are on the
wiki click the Documentation link in the Left Hand Navigation pane. This
takes you to the Documentation Home Page on the wiki. On the right side
of the page is a box labeled WANT TO HELP?. Click the link for Pages
that Need Help. That will show you an Alphabetic list of all pages that
have that Template. Under the D section any page that contains
Documentation/UserGuide in its name needs to be proofread, checked
against v4.1.2 or both. Just click the link and the page will come up.

There are two (2) other templates that get used in conjunction with
NeedRework. They are CheckedAccuracy and CheckedStyle.

Check Accuracy is used after an Accuracy check against the AOO software
is completed. To insert it edit the document and add the following
mark-up at the top: {{Documentation/CheckedAccuracy|~~~~}}.

CheckStyle is used after you have proofread a document. It is added with
the following mark-up: {{Documentation/CheckedStyle|~~~~}}.

These DO NOT replace the status document but are in addition to it.


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