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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: Can we get this started again?
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2015 20:46:55 GMT
archana nagarajan wrote:
> Thanks for the details, Keith. I will get started right away.
> Regards
> Archana
Fantastic. I look forward to seeing your work.


> On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 1:23 PM, Keith N. McKenna <
>> wrote:
>> archana nagarajan wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am Archana. I used to work as an Assoc. Operations Manager/Middleware
>>> Admin until I quit recently to raise my baby. I would like to work on
>> your
>>> documentation project. I have completed the orientation module.
>>> Please let me know what are the next steps
>>> Regards
>>> Archana
>> Greetings Archana;
>> The next steps are dependent on where you feel most comfortable. All of
>> the Introductory material and the Writer Guide need to be accuracy
>> checked against Version 4.1.2 of the OpenOffice software. This entails
>> opening AOO 4.1.2 and then following the steps in the wiki page to make
>> sure they indeed get the result proper result; eg. if the wiki says
>> click file->save as to save a new document, does doing that in v4.1.2
>> bring up the Save as Dialog for you to name the document and decide
>> where to save it.
>> If you are more interested in writing than there are numerous pages that
>> either need to be written or sections expanded. If this is where your
>> interest lies than check the status document and pick one that needs
>> doing and start working on it. Just remember to add your signature to
>> the Authors line and let the list know what you are going to work on and
>> when you start and end.
>> Lastly there is proof reading and editing a document. This entails
>> reading the document for accuracy, and also for use of proper grammar
>> and spelling etc. and then making those changes to the document.
>> All of these roles need to be done for each separate wiki page. Rule of
>> thumb is if you Author it someone else needs to proofread and Accuracy
>> check it.
>> The status document at
>> is where
>> we document what has been done and what still needs done for each page
>> in the User Guides. Take a look at that and see what you feel
>> comfortable attempting and go for it. Just remember to let the list know
>> what you are working on and when you finish and to sign the status doc
>> by entering 4 tildes next to what you did.
>> Any questions you have or suggestions on how to make this process easier
>> bring them to the list. *All* communication around the documentation
>> should take place on this list so that all members of the team are aware
>> of what is going on.
>> Regards
>> Keith
>> <snip>

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