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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: Can we get this started again?
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2015 03:09:37 GMT
Jean Weber wrote:
> If it's any consolation, work on user documentation at LibreOffice is also
> stalled, due to lack of participants, in spite of LO otherwise being an
> active, energetic project... in contrast to AOO.
> I'd like to see everyone interested in user docs coming over to LibreOffice
> and working there with a larger community.
> --Jean
> On Monday, December 7, 2015, Keith N. McKenna <>
> wrote:
>> Keith N. McKenna wrote:
>>> Greetings All;
>>> I have always been told I am a glutton for punishment and I am going to
>>> prove it once again. I firmly believe that we as a project need to
>>> provide documentation for our users. With this goal in mind I would like
>>> to propose that we get this effort underway again.
>>> To start with I propose that we concentrate on the Writer Guide and the
>>> introductory material to get it finished and announced to our user base.
>>> I will volunteer to take on the role of coordinator for this effort.
>>> I propose concentrating on Writer because it and Calc are most likely
>>> the most used of the applications and with limited resources it is best
>>> to put those out first.
>>> This will require a lot of communication but I feel it is an effort well
>>> worth undertaking.
>>> I look forward to hearing any and all responses.
>>> Regards
>>> Keith
>> As there have been no responses to this in two (2) weeks I have to
>> conclude that there is little or no interest in seeing this
>> documentation finished and released. This is truly disappointing.
>> I will continue to monitor this list in hopes that this effort can
>> either be re-started or re-configured to attract more active participants.
>> Regards
>> Keith
Lets not get into the AOO  v. LO BS here. In a perfect world there
should be no impediments between the two groups working together on the
documentation. There are ways to document the differences where they
exist. However this is not a perfect world and politics and human nature
are going to get in the way.

I for one am more than willing to discuss the possibilities of
cooperation on documentation if that is what you are proposing. If all
you are suggesting is that we just en mass move to LO I am not as sanguine.


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