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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: Where are we with the documentation?
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2015 19:25:15 GMT
Rania Hanna wrote:
> Quick thought, though I am new here:
> Have a wiki or some sort of spreadsheet that lists everything that needs to
> get done, as well as those who say they will get this or that done in xx
> amount of time. So sort of like a timesheet, where people state what they
> did, as in, what they contributed, and when, and "sign off" on their own
> work. I realize you have a tracking doc, and I'm not sure how that works,
> as I never saw it.
> But maybe someone can compile an action-item list, and then people can
> decide and take ownership of a specific project, and we could then
> implement that spreadsheet. I think setting goals is a good thing, like
> have some sort of goal graph, that lists, percentage-wise, how far we have
> come, how far we need to go. And have that for the project as a whole, and
> also for individuals, in terms of how much they say they will do, and how
> much they actually do.
> I think key is providing some internal motivations. Mostly, though,
> organization is needed, so that people know what needs to be done, and in
> what priority.
> Maybe a person can volunteer as organizer/manager, and that's their role
> only.
> On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 1:24 PM, Alexandro Colorado <> wrote:
>> I agree and would like to propose a roadmap that people can follow (hands
>> off) and they can continue ongoing work. emphasizing that if they want to
>> contribute, they need to self-taught and self-do without waiting for
>> approval. We just dont have enough resources for a delegating and approving
>> changes.
>> I would want to also understand the better work that we can do in promoting
>> the documentation project to the rest of the community. Gamification is a
>> way, or just using the blog and social network to recruit technical
>> writters.
>> I also want to know if there is any other idea that can help this project
>> get off the ground. And finally build a report for the next apache cycle on
>> what has been achieved on this project.
>> On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 12:09 PM, Keith N. McKenna <
>>> wrote:
>>> Greetings All;
>>> Just checked the archives and it is just shy of 2.5 years since this
>>> list was started and what do we have to show for it? Basically nothing.
>>> There are pieces and sections of guides in various stages of completion,
>>> but nothing anywhere near ready for final publication.
>>> There has been some work done on various parts of the Guide, but no real
>>> discussion here. We have a tracking document that is supposed to be used
>>> so all members of the team know where things are and what is needed but
>>> it rarely gets used. All of this has to beg the question where are we
>>> with documentation; do we really want to have the documentation done "in
>>> house"; and if we do is the process we started 2+ years ago still the
>>> correct way to go?
>>> I for one firmly believe that not having up to date user documentation
>>> reflects poorly on the project as a whole. It is time for us to take a
>>> hard look at what we want to do and come together and try to move
>>> forward either with what we have or by starting over and re-defining
>>> what we want and the process to get there. Either that our we have to
>>> decide that we are just not in a position to this piece and fold. I hope
>>> that it is not the later.
>>> Respectfully
>>> Keith N. McKenna
>> --
>> Alexandro Colorado
>> Apache OpenOffice Contributor
>> 882C 4389 3C27 E8DF 41B9  5C4C 1DB7 9D1C 7F4C 2614

Glad to see that you subscribed to the list. Here is a link to the
status/tracking document on the wiki: Anyone
can read it, but to make any changes you need to request an account.
Just send an e-mail to the list with your prefered e-mail address and
prefered user name and myself or one of the other admins will create the
account. Unfortunately we had to stop self registration to the m-wkik as
it was allowing generation of unacceptable levels of spam.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve the status
document this would be the place to discuss them.


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