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From De Angela Jackson <>
Subject Re: Where are we with the documentation?
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2015 20:05:52 GMT
Throwing in another 2 cents (I'm up to 4!):

Why not try to get an objective outside opinion?  <--pretty good blog from a technical
writer who wasn't always a technical writer.  He might be able to look
at the whole situation and maybe give some advice and direction if
asked.  Who knows?

De Angela

On 4/30/15, jonathon <> wrote:
> On 30/04/15 15:29, Regina Henschel wrote:
>>And you cannot blame the people, who write for LibreOffice. There are
> so few persons working on LibreOffice documentation, that they cannot
> follow the changes in LibreOffice soon.
> I'll grant that ODFAuthors doesn't have many people. Regardless, that
> point is irrelevant here. (Well, it is relevant, to the point of
> considering why ODFAuthors isn't actively involved in AOo documentation.)
>> It is not reasonable to expect that these people care about Apache
> OpenOffice.
> Some of the people in ODFAuthors were willing to either write original
> documentation where needed, and/or modify/adapt LibO documentation to
> reflect the changes/differences in AOo. Do note the use of the past
> tense here.
>> If we decide to use ODF Authors, it would be possible without problems.
> Then when did most of the ODFAuthors resign from the AOo documentation
> project?
> More pointedly, why did the former head of the AOo Documentation project
> resign? (Need I point out that the wiki page lists that individual as
> the current head of AOo documentation.)
>> But working with ODF Authors means, to follow a special workflow. And when
>> authors do not like that workflow, you cannot force them to use ODF
>> Authors.
> Every organization that creates documentation, has a workflow.
> Sometimes that workflow is clearly defined, outlined, and includes
> everything that the content creator needs, in order to produce quality
> output. Sometimes that workflow is not only not defined, but manages to
> omit everything that the content creator needs, in order to produce any
> output.
> Whilst one can't force authors to follow a specific workflow, a clearly
> defined, rational workflow process makes it much easier for authors to
> create their content.
> The process that ODFAuthors uses, is based on their experience of
> creating documentation. Some aspects can be exasperating, but on the
> whole even those aspects are beneficial to the content creator.
> Keith wrote:
> Johnathon;
>>If you have concrete proposals to avoid what you obviously saw as flaws
> in the previous efforts now would be the time to make them,
> What I'm saying, is to look at the history of the project, from the days
> that it was StarOffice. Look at how documentation (both quality and
> quantity) has increased, and decreased over that time, and, more
> importantly where and how it was produced.
> To see what is, in effect,an entire documentation team, resign thrice,
> indicates that major issues keep re-ocurring. Furthermore, it can't be
> said that it was the same few people who were unhappy, because at least
> two of those documentation teams had no individuals in common.
> I'm not sure how much, if any overlap, there was between the third of
> those teams, and either of the other two.
> jonathon
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