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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: Stepping back from trying to drive this effort
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2014 19:04:51 GMT
On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 4:51 PM, Keith N. McKenna <
> wrote:

> Regina Henschel wrote:
> > Hi Keith,
> >
> > Keith N. McKenna schrieb:
> >> It has become painfully obvious over the last 6 months or more that I am
> >> not the person to push this effort forward. I am tired of answering
> >> queries about how to help and then never having people come back to the
> >> list. I will continue to work on the introductory material as I have
> >> time, but I no longer have the energy to continue to try and drive it
> >> forward.
> >
> > You are frustrated. But you can be sure, it is not your fault. The
> > situation had been the same in times of OOo. A very large number of
> > subscribers of the list, but only about 1% active writers. And some of
> > them are now working for LibreOffice.
> >
> You are right Regina I am very frustrated. Thank you for the part about
> it not being my fault. Sad but true it is the same in any large group;
> 20% of the people do 80% of the work.
> >>
> >> What we need is people with experience in technical writing to drive
> >> this and to mentor new comers.
> >
> > I have attended a meeting of the German LO community last weekend, with
> > very similar topic. There was the idea of "mentors" too.  On the meeting
> > there were consensus, that pointing a newcomer to some sites to read is
> > bad. The idea on the meeting has been, to have a set of starting tasks.
> > The mentor explores the skills of the newcomer. Then he suggest three
> > tasks to the newcomer, who chooses one. After some time the mentor
> > contacts the newcomer and ask about the progress.
> >
> I think that use of the Orientation Pages as a first point of contact is
> not a bad thing. It gives people a point of reference to see the very
> wide range of skills that can be used as part of the documentation team.
>  That said those pages alone cannot be all there is; there has to be
> people who are willing to actively work with newcomers and guide them
> through the process.
> > Such mentor does not need to have writing skills or be an expert in an
> > area himself, but he need to be a personal contact for novices.
> >
> > The current situation of working on documentation needs improvement. I
> > see e.g. the problem, that the process is currently not visible to the
> > community, and writers get no merit.
> >
> You are being charitable. Realistically there is no process today. The
> basic idea was to write relatively short structured and linked pieces
> that would build from general information applicable to all parts of the
> software to more detailed but still heavily linked sections for each
> component of the suite, using on status page to track the progress.
> I believe that there is the ability to get merit as part of the
> documentation process. This is the major area that I have worked in and
> my invitation to become a committer most likely came from that.
> >  I will continue to monitor the list and
> >> set up accounts on the mwiki as needed.
> >
> > It is good, that you will continue doing the administrative part.
> >
> I believe that documentation is a vital part of any software project.
> There needs to be people that can do those administrative tasks since in
> today's world self registration for things like the mwiki are just not
> possible.
> >  I think I may take a closer look
> >> at trying to learn the process of writing the help files as I am seeing
> >> more bugs posted concerning problems with them.
> >
> > I have already written some help texts, so I might be able to help in
> > technical problems if needed.
> >
> I appreciate the offer. Is there any documentation of the process beside
> the original PDF from Sun? That is pretty old in that it describes the
> need for OOo 1.5 minimum and describes the use of the old cvs system.
> Any pointers on the best way to set up an environment to do the work
> would be appreciated.
> Regards
> Keith

I couldn't find any when I started looking into the inline help system. I
did more or less convert  the PDF to HTML (not the greatest conversion I
assure you)   to make things a bit easier to find --

but the process is basically the same in svn or cvs. Lots to learn and
process about this.

More coming soon on the planning wiki...

> > Kind regards
> > Regina
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