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From Stephenie Barrett <>
Subject Re: Stepping back from trying to drive this effort
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2014 05:22:26 GMT
On 6/8/2014 1:56 PM, Alexandro Colorado wrote:
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> Maybe we need a better design and structure the community. Some roles
> that people can own and know what to do. This is very counter-apache
> way but I think is also the reason why these efforts don't pick up
> since the roles are not that defined, mentoring is hard and also steps
> are not as apparent.
> as a past contributor of ODFAuthors, I remember there was some energy
> put on the Structure and process and roadmap of the documentation team
> so we can prioritize the work and communicate the current status of
> the guides.
> Just right now I was about to email about what documentation has to do
> with the design process of the documentation.
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> fwJBaSFbLlWTVUzsGkdBIZINwmoUs0Bd1uBNABZwy9rCavpViCLf6SlIOR8L/N1h
> g1uOAFzjhRxSBAsA9bS4XeTK2gD6cYKCse2ytDG4fqvBUnLzhpbE8IVxAugxsAyu
> FZBQS9we9GIGzglsnXqI7Iu0A+VOmNwueXZwLYwGp4UHvUXnhpON2Dh2hUADDZnq
> i37SAU5FCrL8RpF4vcJd3NIi7Be1gRkeZpCWDmAhB76AIXc708n/MgdAlG/v6H13
> p53zIOxaXwV+BJXymLlDnxb3aeZ+D3UNyq51sKsCnbVEYR8UYNlznk6aoWPv8Yml
> OySFk/lUZAhcMEVoZLjUwtY7ORUjAAhuQvvRaMWTwg==
> =JqbC
> On 6/7/14, Keith N. McKenna <> wrote:
>> It has become painfully obvious over the last 6 months or more that I am
>> not the person to push this effort forward. I am tired of answering
>> queries about how to help and then never having people come back to the
>> list. I will continue to work on the introductory material as I have
>> time, but I no longer have the energy to continue to try and drive it
>> forward.
>> What we need is people with experience in technical writing to drive
>> this and to mentor new comers. I will continue to monitor the list and
>> set up accounts on the mwiki as needed. I think I may take a closer look
>> at trying to learn the process of writing the help files as I am seeing
>> more bugs posted concerning problems with them.
>> Regards
>> Keith
I am sorry I keep coming in and out of the discussion. I was working on 
a project full time the past few months and didn't have time to offer. I 
am able to help with the help files and other writing as needed. I am an 
experienced technical writer and would like to work on one of the bigger 
projects needed. I will touch base early next week to get started.

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