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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Request for student opportunity to work on Apache OpenOffice
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2014 08:48:54 GMT
On 23/06/2014 Sama, Sowmya wrote:
> My name is Sowmya and my teammates are Keerthana
> Aravamudhan( and Sathyashree Narasimha
> ( We are currently pursuing our degree at Loyola
> University Chicago.

Welcome! OpenOffice can indeed offer you many opportunities for 
volunteering in different fields.

> Keerthana Aravamudhan - I am currently persuing my MS in Computer
> Science and I'm in my 3rd semester . I have about 6 years of
> experience as a Quality Assurance Engineer and I'm also familiar with
> Java and C . I need to contribute to an open source project for the
> duration of this semester (ending in July) . So I was hoping if I
> could contribute in development and QA for 5 hrs a week.

If you wish to start immediately and you have 5 hours/week, join the 
ongoing tests. Subscribe to the QA list
and then send a note saying that you would like to join the ongoing 
tests; include your preferred username so that we can create accounts 
for you, and include details on the operating system(s) you use. Then an 
optimal way to combine your development and QA skills is to port some of 
our automated tests to Google Test. See but ask the dev list for 
precise instructions.

> Sowmya Sama - I am co-student of Keerthana, enrolled in MS in
> Software Engineering. I have around 3 years experience as C# .Net
> developer and familiar with Java. I would like to contribute along
> with my team for about 5 hours a week in either Development aspect or
> Documentation.

Documentation is a field where you can help immediately. We have a list 
of pages that need proofreading right now. For example: and
We can create a wiki account for you if you send the doc list (please 
subscribe, see above) your preferred username; then you'll be able to 
edit pages. As for Development, the hardest initial step is to get 
OpenOffice to build. See to get 

> Sathyashree Narasimha -  I am currently enrolled as a Non- Degree
> student and aspiring to pursue the Masters Degree in Information
> Technology. I am familiar with C# and Java. I will be glad to
> contribute 10 hours per week contributing towards testing and
> documentation. ?

What I wrote above about testing and documentation applies. In your 
case, you should subscribe to both the QA and Documentation lists. You 
and Keerthana could also help in confirming unconfirmed bug reports. 
This is an easy way to help with QA and very useful to the project. See for more information.


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