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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Stepping back from trying to drive this effort
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 21:27:11 GMT
Hi Keith,

Keith N. McKenna schrieb:
> It has become painfully obvious over the last 6 months or more that I am
> not the person to push this effort forward. I am tired of answering
> queries about how to help and then never having people come back to the
> list. I will continue to work on the introductory material as I have
> time, but I no longer have the energy to continue to try and drive it
> forward.

You are frustrated. But you can be sure, it is not your fault. The 
situation had been the same in times of OOo. A very large number of 
subscribers of the list, but only about 1% active writers. And some of 
them are now working for LibreOffice.

> What we need is people with experience in technical writing to drive
> this and to mentor new comers.

I have attended a meeting of the German LO community last weekend, with 
very similar topic. There was the idea of "mentors" too.  On the meeting 
there were consensus, that pointing a newcomer to some sites to read is 
bad. The idea on the meeting has been, to have a set of starting tasks. 
The mentor explores the skills of the newcomer. Then he suggest three 
tasks to the newcomer, who chooses one. After some time the mentor 
contacts the newcomer and ask about the progress.

Such mentor does not need to have writing skills or be an expert in an 
area himself, but he need to be a personal contact for novices.

The current situation of working on documentation needs improvement. I 
see e.g. the problem, that the process is currently not visible to the 
community, and writers get no merit.

  I will continue to monitor the list and
> set up accounts on the mwiki as needed.

It is good, that you will continue doing the administrative part.

  I think I may take a closer look
> at trying to learn the process of writing the help files as I am seeing
> more bugs posted concerning problems with them.

I have already written some help texts, so I might be able to help in 
technical problems if needed.

Kind regards

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