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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: Is it time to re-evaluate the viability of internal documentation?
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2014 17:54:36 GMT
Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> On 19/03/2014 Keith N. McKenna wrote:
> In other fields we notice that it is important to involve and empower
> new volunteers quickly and easily. For example, a new documentation
> volunteer would now have the problem that he needs a wiki account
> created (and he needs someone to do it, since registration is currently
> disabled) and then a welcome message on what to do, and then a list of
> tasks...
> If the more active people here could have all necessary privileges to
> answer prospective volunteers with a "Welcome, we created a wiki account
> for you, a couple of small tasks that you can do to start are X and Y",
> this would be much more effective.
I should have all the necessary privileges, at last on the mwiki. The
problem I see is that I am just about the only person active right now
and I am tired of putting fourth the effort to draw people in and in
better than 80% of cases nothing comes of it. I am willing to try again,
but I can not do it alone. We need to be able to attract experienced
technical writers that can guide volunteers.

> Should you wish to try it, let us know and we'll look into what's needed
> to give you (Keith, or other active volunteers who want to take care of
> this) the necessary privileges.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.

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