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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Is it time to re-evaluate the viability of internal documentation?
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2014 23:38:00 GMT
On 19/03/2014 Keith N. McKenna wrote:
> Rob Weir wrote:
>> 2) The work is naturally "bite sized".  You can be an effective QA
>> volunteer working 1 hour a week or 40 hours a week.  There are tasks
>> of every size.  Ditto for Translators.
> This is also true with documentation. There are a number of tasks that
> can be performed in an hour or possibly even less.

In other fields we notice that it is important to involve and empower 
new volunteers quickly and easily. For example, a new documentation 
volunteer would now have the problem that he needs a wiki account 
created (and he needs someone to do it, since registration is currently 
disabled) and then a welcome message on what to do, and then a list of 

If the more active people here could have all necessary privileges to 
answer prospective volunteers with a "Welcome, we created a wiki account 
for you, a couple of small tasks that you can do to start are X and Y", 
this would be much more effective.

Should you wish to try it, let us know and we'll look into what's needed 
to give you (Keith, or other active volunteers who want to take care of 
this) the necessary privileges.


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