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From Alexandro Colorado <>
Subject Re: Documentation for OO4
Date Sun, 23 Feb 2014 04:13:09 GMT
On 2/22/14, Cindy Livengood <> wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> I was doing some research about how to change document properties after
> upgrading to Open Office 4 and came across your post for people who want to
> help with documentation.

Help with documentation means write guides for OpenOffice. You can
find the repository here:

> Considering that I have searched for three hours but have not found any
> information about how to replace the document properties  (file >
> properties > general {and other tabs}) from that of the properties in the
> template, I would like to be sure that it gets included in the
> documentation to be published.

You do this at the application level:
- Tools -> Options -> General -> Name, Instiution, Phone, etc:

> When using a template, the author's name of the template is in the
> properties of the template.  When you use that template, the template's
> author is erroneously displayed at the author of the document.  As it is, I
> can not find any way to change the name of the author.
For templates check this chapter of the writer guide:

> Also, I am only able to change some of the information in the properties
> tabs, and some I have changed by opening it in Calibre and making the
> metadata changes there, then re-opening it in Open Office 4.  Even so I
> can't change the created by, created date, nor remove the template name
> from the file.

These information is autogenarted based on the local stats of the
document like how many times the file has been opened, and by who.

> So, when I give the file to someone else, the wrong properties are
> displayed which gives me great problems.  Having someone else's name appear
> on the document with wrong time and dates causes people to be concerned
> about the security of my work.

Are you talking about fields inserted in the document? maybe some
screenshots can help understand how are you using this information.

> This was not an issue with Microsoft Word. :(  They are pressuring me to
> purchase Word.
> Thank you for considering my submission.
> Cindy Livengood

Alexandro Colorado
Apache OpenOffice Contributor

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